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Vortex Performance

Performance Training

Vortex Performance is results-driven; the way we coach and create training programs makes sure you leave every day better than when you came in.
Too many times people walk into a gym, have no clue what to do, and are only seen as a number. This consequently leads to frustration and the loss of motivation to continue to work to their goals.

At Vortex our team will make sure that when you walk into the weight room, you’ll never be confused with equipment or what you need to be doing. And you can count on being held accountable and consistently encouraged.

Our programs are designed to:

1. Build strength for everyday life
2. Build muscle
3. Burn fat
4. Change your physique
5. Improve your overall body conditioning
6. Help you to achieve YOUR goals

We offer unconventional equipment like prowlers, dragging sleds, battling ropes and strongman devices that challenge you, make you better, and make training fun and different.

We also offer a variety of nutritional programs (link this) that will be tailored to your specific needs. If your goal is to drop fat, build muscle, or improve athletic performance, we will be able to get you on the right track!