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Whitney Palmer

Fitness Trainer

Certified Personal trainer through the ISSA. Health driven fanatic / athlete since the early age of 4. One of the biggest inspirations / influences in my life is my younger brother. He was born hearing impaired and diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 7. When I became old enough to realize how critical this condition was, I took the next step into becoming the best role model educating myself in health and wellness. Personal training while maintaining being a current athlete of the Women's Semi-Pro tackle football team IWFL ( Independent Women's Football League ) has really helped me pursue  my passions guiding individuals in the right direction each and every day. Perseverance is one of our greatest glories and it has certainly been rewarding every step of the way. My motto M.A.D. ( Motivation and Dedication ) the key ingredient to adding precious years to our lives. Don't procrastinate, Rejuvenate. #BMBS